How to get an estimate of your IQ level?

Check IQ™ provides you with an accurate online IQ test that only takes a few minutes. Here is how it works:

  • Make sure that you are in a quiet environment and that you will not be disturbed. When you are ready, start the test.
  • Try to answer the questions to be best of your ability. If you hesitate, you may skip questions and come back to them later.
  • You have 20 minutes to complete the test. Once done, you will be able to purchase a detailed report about your cognitive aptitudes and get the estimate of your IQ level.
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Why take an IQ test?

Taking an IQ test is not just a brain workout. An IQ test can result in a lasting impact in your personal life and in your career. Ultimately, it's about knowing yourself better, which is the key to success.

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    Find out your IQ score

    Your IQ score assesses your ability to use apply logic and reason, compared to rest of the population.

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    Discover your true career path

    An IQ test helps you understand your strenghts and weaknesses and find the career path that matches them.

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    Create a pivotal moment in your life

    Are you living up to your potential? An IQ test can be the spark of confidence you need to change your life.

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What People Say

I had always thought myself as undeserving. Taking an IQ test helped me realize my full potential and rely more on my strenghts. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in personal growth.

Cynthia, 23, Student

Totally worth it! For years, I've wanted to check my IQ but procrastination got the better of me. The test results helped me figure out what I'm really good at and what I should focus on!

Javier, 42, Sales Executive

I knew I was a naturally curious person, but never realized that my IQ was well above the average. Following a friend's suggestion, I took this online test and found the report both accurate and insightful.

Sally, 65, Retired Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an IQ test?

    An IQ test is one of several tests that help you evaluate your cognitive ability. In short, it serves as way to determine how intelligent you are. It usually consists in a series of tasks that cover several areas of human intelligence, such as abstract reasoning, pattern recognition or analytical thinking.

  • What is a good IQ score?

    Any IQ score above 120 is considered good by all standards. An IQ score over 140 is considered a high IQ and implies that you are either a genius. It represents less than 0.1% of the population so it's quite rare. An IQ score between 130 and 140 is usuaully associated with gifted people. An IQ between 115 and 130 is a good score and implies that you have a superior intelligence.

  • How can I check my IQ at home?

    Absolutely. You may use an online service such as to check your IQ level from the comfort of your home. You will need about 20 minutes to do the test. Make sure that you are in a quiet place and that you will not be distracted during that time.

  • What is a high IQ?

    Any score above 130 is considered a high IQ score. Less than 3 out of 100 people have such a high IQ. Check out our article in our blog to understand more about what a high IQ means

  • What is a genius IQ

    Any IQ score above 140 is considered genius score.

  • How can I increase my IQ

    Research shows that your IQ may change over time (1). This means that your IQ level can be improved over time, like a muscle. Such tasks as n-back task, which is a computerised memory test, have been proven to improve your level of intelligence. Check out our blog post to find out how to increase your IQ using Dual N Back test.

  • Is IQ inherited?

    Research found that your IQ, which is a proxy for your level of intelligence is partly influence by genetic factors passed down by your parents, partly influenced by environmental factors such as your home environment when you were a child, your access to education and your nutrition. Read our blog post if you want to find out more about how much of intelligence is inhered

  • Is Check IQ Test Free?

    Our IQ test can be accessed for free. Once you have answered all questions in the Check IQ test, our algorithms compare your score to other people who took the test, and calculate an IQ score based on that peer group. That process is called IQ Validation Process and we charge a fee for it.

  • Who has the highest IQ score in the world?

    Although we will most likely never find out, as the data is limited by the number of people who took an IQ test, Marilyn vos Savant, an American magazine columnist and author is listed as having the highest recorded IQ in the Guinness Book of Records. She managed to get a score of 228.

  • What is the minimum IQ for Mensa?

    Being part of Mensa, which is the High IQ Society, usually implies that you have a an IQ score above 130.

  • What does an official IQ test look like?

    There is no universally accepted official IQ test format. However, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), for kids aged between 6 and 16, are usually considered the most widely accepted forms of IQ tests. The Wechsler tests can only be conducted by certified individuals or institutions. Assuming you get a high score, these tests allow you to get into such high-IQ societies as Mensa, Intertel and the Triple Nine Society. The most recent version of the Wechsler test contains 4 parts that cover several areas of human intelligence: Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed. The Wechsler test for kids also contains questions focused on Fluid Reasoning.

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